Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our Day on Masada

Our Day on Masada
by Noah Ehrlich

After a "restful" night in the Bedouin tent, we were treated to a delicious breakfast. We all hopped on the bus and had a ride on road that felt like a roller coaster. When we arrived to the parking area we saw a replica of a Roman catapult and the lower half of a siege tower.  We began our climb up Masada via the Roman ramp. Upon reaching the top, we found a place under a tent and prayed Shacharit, the morning service. It was very meaningful to pray on the summit of Masada.
Ilan took the group to 9 important sites on the fortress and explained to us the story of the Jewish Zealots and the Roman army seige of Masada. After learning about the story we took a short walk to the side of Masada that faces another mountain. On the other mountain there were the very old descendents of the Zealots, and they would shout back anything that was shouted to them. It was cool to hear them shout back. We descended the mountain by the snake path, a long and winding path. Overall it was a great experience.

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