Friday, May 2, 2014

Meeting Israelis and Making New Friends

... by Josh and Dylan

We started our day off early. After waking up at 6:15, praying Shacharit and having breakfast, we made our way to a hike to meet some 8th graders from Israel! "Practicing our hebrew on real Israelis was a blast!" said Josh. The hike was full of adventures and friendships that will last a lifetime. Our kids are now Facebook friends with Israelis! Our kids are really branching out and going out of their comfort zones to meet new kids everyday. After the hike and a delicious picnic lunch, we went on a bike tour. "It was hard work, but after we saw the views and the birds, it was very rewarding. I'm very happy I took part in this amazing opportunity to bike in this beautiful land," said Dylan. 

After the great bike tour, we drove towards the Kineret where we went on a fun disco boat. "The disco boat was an opportunity to bond with the other kids through the form of dance and music," said Micah. The disco boat's music was a entertaining mixture of Israeli and American music. It was a way to integrate Israeli modern society into our trip. Even though the disco boat was a lot of fun, we got hungry and rode the bus back to kibbutz Degania Bet to eat dinner. We had some free time on the kibbutz and then went back to our rooms to catch a good night's sleep before Host Shabbat. "It was amazing meeting the Israeli students. Socializing with them enriched my vvocabulary and it was amazing to compare and contrast our teenage lives," said Maddy. 

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