Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Golan Heights

Micah Glickman
Golan Blog  

Here we are are at Mitzpe Gadot in the Golan Heights. The view was amazing and we saw the vantage points that the Syrians had over Israel and the many kibbutzim and small villages in the valley. Looking around, I thought about how serious the place was. I thought about the hundreds of Israelis who died here at the hands of the Syrians. I thought about the active mine fields and retired trenches that surrounded us and their purpose. Ilan, our moreh derech, (guide), talked about a generation of Israeli children who spent their childhood sleeping underground in bomb shelters. I could not have chosen a more appropriate place to learn about how Israel captured the Golan Heights and the sacrifices of Eli Cohen, Israel's most famous spy. The quiet of the environment only added to the experience.

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