Friday, May 2, 2014

Our views of Masada by Maddy and Rebecca

Today was a phenomal day. Even though we do not enjoy waking up early, there was a rush of excitement knowing that we were going to climb up the historical Mount Masada and then swimming at the Dead Sea. We ate a nutritious and excellent breakfast made by the kibbutz. Then we were on our way to Masada. We hiked up the Roman Ramp. Tired and sweaty we prayed Shacharit. "We prayed with so much joy and kavanah, it was the best tefilot we have ever had!" said Rebecca and Maddy. We took a few moments to appreciate the significance of Masada and then we toured the top of the mountain. We saw many sites and we had a great understanding of the mountain's history after we toured the top. We made our way down the snake path. It was challenging, yet very rewarding and we would do it all over again. After the strenuous hike we drove to the Dead Sea. We were hungry so we ate a delicious lunch at Ein Gedi by the Dead Sea. We covered ourselves from head to toe with mud. It made our skin feel so smooth and regenerated our youthful look! We later floated in the Dead Sea waters which had an abundance of salts. After a long day we were longing for our beds.

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